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Why Become a Member?

By joining, you take an active role in protecting access and conserving trails for you and for future generations.

Fats in the Cats Bicycle Club Inc. has been advocating, stewarding, and improving many of the best places to ride in the Catskill Park and Mid-Hudson Valley. To Promote and coordinate continuing and increased mountain bicycling opportunities within the Catskill Mountain Forest Preserve and the greater Hudson Valley Region. Since 1994 members have been organizing trail maintenance efforts within the cycling community; coordinating and promoting regional recreational bicycling opportunities; promoting education of recreational cyclists for not only safe and enjoyable, but ecologically and environmentally responsible outdoor experiences.

Maybe you’ve noticed improvements over the past several years: many trail systems are getting better, access has been very good, and relations with other trail users and land managers are very good. Yet, this does not happen without a great deal of effort and commitment, it takes dedicated, grassroots support and involvement from people like you. By becoming a member of Fats in the Cats you will fund help our mission and further improve mountain biking opportunities within the region. Things are good, but they could be much better. Interested? Want to help? Your membership does make a difference.


– First and foremost, you get to support Fats in the Cats’ mission as noted above.
– At the basic membership level you’ll receive our basic list of goodies: some local trail maps, a Fats in the Cats sticker, some Fats business cards to help spread the word, and an opportunity to win raffle prizes.
– Purchase Fats in the Cats jerseys/t-shirts at special low members only prices.
– A membership card which may entitle you to discounts at participating local bike shops and merchants.
– Volunteer opportunities to give back to the trails, and build new trails.
– Weekend trips to great riding areas like the Kingdom Trails in Vermont.
– The Fats in the Cats website listing rides, trails, bike advice and activities.
– The Bike Swap, St. Patrick Day ride, and Holiday Ride for helping kids in the community.

Where does your money go?

It takes money to fund trail building projects, preserve trail access and protect the environment, advocate minimal user impact through sustainable multi-user trails, and maintain trail user harmony in our region. Your membership dollar funds our mission.

– Operational Costs: Part of our mission is to work with land managers, legislators, and stakeholders to open or preserve access, assist with formation of local chapters, and more. Your membership also allows us to pay operational expenses such as this website, educational literature, printing and mailing expenses, etc.
– Club Insurance
: Fats in the Cats is required to carry liability insurance. Part of your membership fee goes towards this club insurance.
– Giving back to the community
in our annual Bikes for Kids program in which we have donated 30 new bicycles each year to at risk children through local social services agencies; and helping out some local families during the Holidays with our Adopt-a-Family program
– Feeding the Volunteers
: when funds are available we like to pay for food, drink and snacks at some trail building sessions. Some of your membership dollar provides for this.
– Trail Building Tools
: in order to build and maintain singletrack we require blood sweat and tools. Some of your membership buys our chapters tools such MacLeods, Pulaskis, mattocks, saws, and other tools.
– Where your funds don’t go
: we are a 100% volunteer organization. There are no salaries to pay no frivolous expenditures made. After all, we’re paying members too and we won’t waste our money or yours.

2018 Board of Directors

Email the board at [email protected].

Samantha Langton ([email protected]) President
Mike White ([email protected]) Vice President
Chrissy Guarino ([email protected]) Director
Conor Tarbell ([email protected]) Director
Callum Benepe ([email protected]) Director
David Shields ([email protected]) Director
Erik Richards ([email protected]) Director
John Heitzman ([email protected] Director
Pat Hart ([email protected]) Director
Pete Nimmer ([email protected]) Director
Tim Kleeger ([email protected]) Director

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