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The Fats in the Cats Bicycle Club, an IMBA Chapter, is a not for profit with the mission of promoting cycling advocacy, trail building, trail maintenance, and community service. Since 1994, the club has been advocating, stewarding, and improving many of the best places to ride a mountain bike in New York’s Catskill Park and Hudson Valley Region. In addition, the club organizes group rides and gives away dozens of bikes to needy kids every holiday season.

Get involved and join the club. You get all the benefits of IMBA membership, discounts at local shops, and your support helps your local cycling culture prosper!

  • Welcome!

Jockey Hill (Kingston) – Group meets every Tuesday at 5:30. Although this is not a beginner ride, it is social in nature & all are encouraged to attend.

909 (Pleasant Valley) – Group meets at the Tyrell Rd lot every Tuesday at 5:30. It is an intermediate pace & usually goes 2-2.5 hours with minimal stops.

Beginner Rides – New to riding, and want to join a group that rides at a fun causal pace? Experienced rider looking to mix up your ride schedule & help newer riders learn the sport and local trails?

Check out the other group rides posted in our forums!