Santa Ride 2017: Saturday Dec 10th

Santa Ride 2017: Saturday Dec 10th

It’s that time of year again! This event is a Fats in the Cats favorite.


Date: Saturday, December 10th

Time: 5:00 P.M. meet, convoy rolls at 5:30 SHARP. Ends at 7:30.

Place: MAC Fitness parking lot in the Kingston Plaza.

Costume and Decorations: Santa suits are encouraged, decorated bikes with lots of lights are highly encouraged. Elves, Reindeer, and Mrs. Clauses are other alternatives to check as well. LED powered AA lights can be found at CVS/Target/Walgreens, etc. Cheap Santa costumes can be found on the internet for a reasonable price that will make any grinch smile.

Ride Details: This ride is slow paced, with lots of “ho ho ho’s” and holiday cheer spread. NO gut busting hills…at least at a fast pace

Route: Coming soon! People put lights up after Thanksgiving.

Social stops for refreshments will be made along the way, as well as a stop at the shelter to drop off gifts for kids. Also, a stop for some warm food at your favorite brewery has been arranged.

A note on weather and how to dress: This will be moved to the “rain date” if canceled. Rain meaning rain, or wintry weather that makes travel to this event hazardous. All updates will be posted on the Fats’ website, forums, facebook & twitter. Be prepared if it’s chilly outside! Layer smartly. Bring hand/toe warmers, a Saint Bernard with a neck cask, anything really….


-Exchange phone numbers with someone so if you get separated, you have a good chance of meeting back up with us. Please. No one likes a belligerent Santa.

-Bring spending money because Santa gets thirsty

-Bring a lock so your sleigh doesn’t leave without you

-Bring a repair kit in case any of your light strands don’t behave. Usually, electrical tape and a few zip ties are more than enough.

-Dress warm or at least according to the weather. Those hand warmer packets can be a huge help if the weather outside is frightful.

Come out for some good times!